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Educational Program for 2-Year-Olds

Supporting Early Learners in Nevada

girl playing with toyFor an enthusiastic, energetic 2-year-old, the whole world is a playground. Our unique educational approach channels that enthusiasm into chances to grow, learn, build independence, and ultimately, achieve success. Here, 2-year-olds enjoy:

  • Exclusive curriculum for milestone development
  • Interactive, hands-on learning experiences
  • Variety of tactile learning materials

In this immersive classroom environment, children have space to move and excel while they make educational discoveries and build the foundation of future success. Children will stay busy and engaged in our six distinct classroom areas.

  • Movement & Music Center: In this safe environment children can jump, dance, and build gross motor skills.
  • Blocks & Math Center: Blocks, trucks, and puzzles allow children to use their hands to experiment with objects and find new ways to do things.
  • Art & Science Center: Children have the opportunity to explore ideas and express themselves by using art supplies, observation tools, and sensory materials (fabric, sand, water, etc.)
  • Pretend Center: Make-believe play comes to life as children use dress-up materials and clothes, accessories, furniture, and housekeeping items to expand their imaginations.
  • Language & Literacy Center: This cozy classroom area gives children an inviting place for reading, playing with puppets, and exploring early writing.
  • “My Space”: Every so often, children can spend a little time in an area where they can relax and have a quiet moment, as need be.

Our Learn from the Start™ curriculum will define the core learning experiences while continuing to guide milestone achievement. We deal with the specifics needs of this very mobile age group while continuing to focus on five key developmental areas.

  • Approaches to Learning: Becoming independent through exploration of their surroundings, while developing problem-solving abilities.
  • Cognitive Development: Gaining an understanding of the world around them while they develop creativity and critical thinking skills.
  • Language Development: Through sounds, expressions, body language, and oral and written language, children strengthen their ability to communicate and practice responding to and understanding others.
  • Physical Development: Developing coordination and large and small muscle control; learning about health and safety concepts.
  • Social-Emotional Development: Building emotional understanding to deal with their own emotions and relationships with others, like family, friends, and people in the community; practicing interacting with others while developing self-awareness.

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