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Pre-K Program in Las Vegas

A Foundation for Success

Pre-K Program at Creative Kids

At Creative Kids, Pre-K is a vital part of the journey to kindergarten success. Through independent and group work, children make developmental leaps and bounds. Engaging, interactive learning makes for a fun school day with friends. Our Pre-K program explores:

  • Problem-solving
  • Responsive listening
  • Using language to learn
  • Social and collaborative skills

A Creative Learning Space

Children have the opportunity to develop skills across a variety of disciplines in our eight dynamic learning centers.

  • Music & Movement Center: Children strengthen physical coordination abilities by moving, dancing, and singing in cooperation and communication with their classmates.
  • Math Center: By organizing, counting, comparing, and sorting numbers, children explore new ideas and foundational early math concepts.
  • Art Center: This creative center gives children an environment that encourages discoveries like new art techniques and concepts of color.
  • Dramatic Play Center: Emotional expression is demonstrated in this area, where children use their imaginations to make sense of the world in a way that enhances early writing and reading abilities.
  • Block Center: By exploring different materials, children fine-tune their hand-eye coordination as they sort, count, and pattern items.
  • Science Center: Children enhance their classification, analytic, prediction, and experimentation skills as they learn about animal and plant life cycles and other physical and earth science concepts.
  • Writing Center: Letter and word recognition and formation, along with segmenting words into sounds, and putting new sounds together to make words, allow children to succeed at written communication.
  • Reading Center: Children continue to build literacy skills here while they sharpen their print awareness, story comprehension, and listening abilities.

Curriculum to Inspire Achievement

Our Young Achievers™ curriculum relies on the foundational principle of active learning, because it’s inspired by the HighScope philosophy. We ensure that students have hands-on experiences with new ideas and materials, all of which are guided by our comprehensive Plan-Do-Review process.  Our digital lesson planning tool creates individualized curriculum, based on teachers’ observation and assessment of children, so that they can achieve and exceed milestones across 10 developmental scales.

  • Approaches to Learning: Measuring children’s abilities to make plans, interact with others as well as the environment, and set goals.
  • Creative Arts: Measuring children’s ability to express themselves and their feelings through movement, music, drama, and visual arts.
  • Language: Measuring children’s expressive and receptive vocabulary, in addition to their ability to use their vocabulary in conversation for effective communication.
  • Literacy: Measuring children’s knowledge of the alphabet, their ability to read and write, and their comprehension and phonological awareness.
  • Logic & Reasoning: Measuring children’s ability to sequence, solve problems, and think critically and symbolically.
  • Early Math: Measure the ability to comprehend numbers, patterns, sorting, and ordering, while using numbers for addition, subtraction, measurement, and graphing.
  • Nature & Science: Measuring children’s understanding of the natural and physical world, in addition to their ability to observe, describe, predict, and gather data.
  • Social Studies: Measuring children’s ability for self-awareness, as well as their ability to understand their families, their community, and their world.
  • Physical Development/Health: Measuring fine and gross motor skills, as well as children’s ability to understand health and nutrition.
  • Social-Emotional Development: Measure children’s awareness of themselves, and their ability to show respect and empathy toward others.

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