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Junior Kindergarten Program

A Program for Young 5-Year-Olds

girl smilingJunior Kindergarten gives your little one the chance to explore what kindergarten will be like. As they achieve important elementary school skills, they grow accustomed to the structure of a kindergarten school day. Through our award-winning, nationally recognized curricula, reading, writing, and math are taught at a kindergarten level. This program focuses on:

  • Following multi-step instructions
  • Finding multiple solutions to problems
  • Organization
  • Controlling impulses and sustaining attention

This learning environment, modeled after a kindergarten classroom, features six distinct centers for focused skill development.

  • Science & Math Center: Children employ their natural investigative skills to experiment with new science and math concepts. Through this discovery process, children build critical-thinking skills.
  • Fine Arts Center: By engaging with different art techniques and color concepts, children can explore their creative side and different problem-solving and self-expression skills.
  • Dramatic Play Center: Through dramatic and pretend play, children try on different costumes and roles to develop social-emotional skills and make sense of their world.
  • Block Center: By using various materials to build inventive creations, children learn how things work and how they fit together.
  • Writing & Language Center: Letter and word recognition and formation, along with segmenting words into sounds, and putting new sounds together to make words, allow children to succeed at written communication.
  • Library Center: In this cozy area full of books, children can develop key literacy skills like story reasoning, print awareness, and work recognition.

In this classroom, children work to develop kindergarten-level skills, without the expectation of mastery. Their progress is tracked across seven developmental scales:

  • Language & Literacy: Children’s ability to identify and name letters in the alphabet, upper- and lowercase, assembling sounds in order to read and write short words, early reading, writing, vocabulary, and communication.
  • Math: The ability to comprehend numbers, patterns, sorting and ordering, and geometry, in addition to children’s ability to use these numbers to add, subtract, measure, and graph.
  • Nature and Science: The ability to comprehend the natural and physical world, in addition to the ability to observe, predict, describe, and gather data.
  • Social Studies: The ability to understand one’s self, family, community, and the world around them.
  • Physical and Developmental Health: Children’s ability to employ fine and gross motor skills to navigate their surrounding environment, as well as the ability to understand basic health and nutrition concepts.
  • Creative Arts: The ability to express ideas and feelings through music, visual arts, drama, and music.
  • Critical Learning Skills: Self-regulation abilities, along with the ability to follow routines, sustain attention, take different perspectives, follow complex directions, and communicate effectively.

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