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Health and Safety

Health-conscious choices define our community.

Here at Creative Kids Learning Center, we’re proud to provide children with a learning environment that’s safe, welcoming, and fun. From entry procedures to equipment checks, from head counts to cameras, we work tirelessly to keep every child safe, every day. It all starts at the front door: School access is restricted, so only authorized individuals with identification may enter our secure doors. 

Watch Carefully

To provide family members with further peace of mind about our safe, secure environment, the entire school is comprehensively monitored with a system of cameras and alarms. The multi-room display in our lobby shows a closed-circuit feed of what’s happening in the school, indoors and out.

Safety Preparedness

Each of our schools has a dedicated Safety Captain, who ensures a secure environment for children, family members, and our staff. Teachers and staff members are regularly trained in safety procedures, such as emergency and evacuation situations (fire, earthquakes, etc.). Strict ratio guidelines have been instituted to maintain constant supervision of every child. Supply items for emergency and evacuations are available to each classroom, and the school is equipped with a defibrillator designed specifically for infants and children. CPR and first aid training based on essential state standards are provided to our staff.

Hungry for Healthy

A registered dietitian nutritionist plans all of our Grow Fit menus, with the exception of jarred food or infant cereal. In our kitchen, food is prepared for the children and always cut to appropriate size, depending on the age group eating. Meal and snack times are closely monitored by the staff, because we want your child eating not only healthy, but safely!

Cleanliness First

When it comes to the children and staff, regular handwashing prevents the spread of germs in our entire school community. We keenly watch for any signs of illness and notify parents immediately when their child is unwell, to stop illnesses from spreading. Our classrooms are regularly disinfected with child-safe products. 

Toys and Playground

Outdoor equipment is regularly inspected for safety. Toys are regularly checked for broken or loose parts, monitored for choking hazards, and disinfected on a regular schedule.

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